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Lockdowns and the Death of Scientific Inquiry

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The biggest economic, political and social event of 2020 was a health phenomenon: COVID-19. As the pandemic spread from the Far East to Italy, fear grew that we were facing something really serious. Media outlets across the world conveyed images of eerily empty streets and crowded hospitals in Italy, with the consistent theme of fear and uncertainty. The resulting (and on-going) series of lockdowns and the yo-yo of restrictions of varying severity have crushed economic activity worldwide, further exacerbating the income gap to unprecedented levels. Overnight, people lost access to their places of worship, community centers, health centers, social spots, and physical connection with friends and family.  Continue reading

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Morning Pages

After a six year hiatus, I am thrilled to announce the resurrection of my former blog “Wandering Warrior of the Light”. With new branding and official domain name, I present to you “The Tao of Stu”. Now, more than any other time in recent history, we need the unifying voices of our warriors – those with the courage to dive deep into darkness, light and everything in between, and share their truth. I have finally heeded the call.

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