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After a six year hiatus, I am thrilled to announce the resurrection of my former blog “Wandering Warrior of the Light”. With new branding and official domain name, I present to you “The Tao of Stu”. Now, more than any other time in recent history, we need the unifying voices of our warriors – those with the courage to dive deep into darkness, light and everything in between, and share their truth. I have finally heeded the call.

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My stay at Amma’s ashram

A flashback to my stay at Amma’s Ashram: Known as the “Hugging Mother,” or simply, “Amma” (“mother” in the south of India), Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is a spiritual leader based in Kerala, India famous for using hugs to reach and … Continue reading

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Chop Wood, Carry Water

Work. What does the word mean to you? Is it something to be avoided? Is it a means to an end? Is it the only appropriate focus of your attention and energy? Is it a way to avoid the rest … Continue reading

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Dear Men

  Patriarchy affects men so deeply, most times without them knowing, that the average man does not understand the term or its proper use. Yet, as hooks also points out in ‘The Will to Change‘, it is “the single most … Continue reading

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Can Men Really Be Feminists?

*** My views and opinions have changed since the initial publishing of this article—a sign of genuine skepticism and critical thought at work. I no longer think men ‘should’ identify as feminists and am very concerned about the radicalization of … Continue reading

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