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Calling on our Collective Humanity

It’s official: the New Brunswick Government has institutionalized medical apartheid.

Those who have and have not participated in human trials for a genetic experiment is the basis on which such an absurd course of action has been predicated.

Despite the rich custom of rights and freedoms in this country, private businesses and establishments are now being manipulated to require users to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccine in order to work, exercise, shop, and generally participate in social life. Domestic and international travel restrictions have virtually eliminated—practically overnight—millions of citizens’ ability to move freely across the earth. Without proof-of-product, which is to say, a receipt, millions are now either prohibited to leave their own country through conventional ports of entry and exit, prohibited from domestic air travel altogether, and/or prohibited from re-entering their homeland. This is a slippery slope we have embarked on, one that historically begins with a “papers, please” policy and the predictable arc that follows. Typically that of genocide and open war. Continue reading

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